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Writings: Anchor

July 23, 2016


I was born an anchor, naive to that destiny
A twisted wrought masterwork of steel and weight
Screaming, and angry, and ignorant to my crucial calling

Little did I know, I was built to prevent mine, and your life raft from drifting
Fated to pull the vagabonds back to shore
Fated to remain constant and resilient in times of strife
In wild waters and fatal floods

I’ve watched the buoys glide and grin, weightless and free
Their bodies majestically lifted and placed into sunshine
And while my feet fastened tightly to the ocean floor
They danced, they sparkled, they flew

Farewells tumbled on my deaf ears, as I was always sentenced to stay
And watch allies in blood and in life disappear on the horizon
They never turned around

I was nurtured by ships of majesty and vigor
Ships that pulled a hundred times their weight
I observed, I listened, I learned
And when these titans were cloaked in storms of wrath and devastation
I remained sturdy, I remained an anchor

Anchors become weathered but stay resilient
They are born strong but they do not grow
They are reliable, they are expected
Anchors rust but they don’t cry

Forever condemned to be indestructible
I was born an anchor


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