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I’m Writing a Novel

January 29, 2015

If life is a book, you are now the author. You are writing each chapter. The pen has been transferred to your hand and you can’t stop the story now.

When you’re younger and still *gulp* developing, there is already a book laid out in front of you that someone else is writing – perhaps your parents. First chapter: birth, walking, talking, baby food, bruised knees. Second chapter: desks, half-finished assignments, cafeterias, frightening exams, teachers, friends. Third chapter: Late nights, lessons, emotions, wings beginning to spread.


This is when something glorious happens. The pen is handed to you. And you can’t slack on this assignment. It’s a story and it’s just getting good. Move, pen, move. You can be the hero or you can be the sidekick, but we both know that in the best books, nobody is cheering for stagnancy.

As an author, admittedly, I started slacking. Girl is raised in rural town. Girl moves to big city. Girl gets job in industry she loves. Girl goes to job in industry she loves. Girl goes every day to job she loves, in industry she loves. Girl goes every day to job she loves, in industry she loves. Girl goes every day to job she loves, in industry she loves. Girl goes – you get the idea.

I started yawning at my own story. Sure, it’s cute – but where’s the substance? Where’s the excitement? I’m no longer on the edge of my seat. I’m leaning back into that rut I made on the couch and my eyes are closing. Griffin who? Oh, her. I know exactly what’s going to happen next.

Unfortunately my story isn’t infinite and neither is yours. It’s going to come to an end – and God forbid it ends before it even gets good. So I added something interesting to the storyline – I bought the girl a one way ticket to an even bigger city. A ONE WAY TICKET! I’ve never done that before. It’s a dreamy idea in a starry-eyed novel with twists and turns and ups and downs and I can’t wait to watch it unfold.

It is undeniably a plot twist that I may have stolen from another book – LIFE PLAGIARISM! but I’m writing it into my storyline. On Sunday morning, I’m taking a risk with the one way ticket. Choose your own adventure! I don’t know what will happen but I know for sure it won’t be boring.


Oh! If you’re in the Peg, join me for a farewell drink at the King’s Head on Friday night!

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