Like the name suggests, a mid-twenties girl named Griffin, prairie raised on the farm (the least hard-core type of farm, the grain kind) before planting herself into a city apartment in the centre of Osborne Village, Winnipeg, before uprooting and moving to the Big Smoke where she currently resides.

My Grandpa always told me that I’m a good story teller. At all family gatherings, he’d speak above the banter, “That Griffin, she’s one heck of a story teller.” I always thought he was bestowing me with a very broad trait to make me feel special, but you know what? Here we are, and I have plenty I want to share.

You can’t call a car a Jaguar and expect it to not be fierce, and fast. You can’t name a child Griffin and expect her not to encounter and battle bizarre situations (mythical, even) – and to not tell the tale?

Come on.

And to create. Damn, I love to create. I love visual media and music and words and the entire English language and poetry and streams of consciousness and huge ideas and dreamers and crazy stupid love.

So this blog was born, where you will find stories and thoughts and art (graphic design, photography) and recipes AKA food adventures (vegetarian-turned-pescetarian – #griffinthehousewife ) – musings. Life. I’m wandering. Just like you are! I just decided I want to blog about it.

Thanks for reading. Only half of it is true. 🙂