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Happiness IS a Fish You Can Catch

June 26, 2015

A quick word on happiness.

For some reason, it’s easier to write about sadness and sorrow and challenges than it is to write about happiness. The greatest songs ever written stem from heartbreak and grief and… longing. And pain. Some of my best and most raw blog entries have come from being hurt. But … there’s a lot to be said for happiness and the feelings that surround it.

I can safely say that right now in my life, I am happy. And it’s been a while since I could honestly say that. It’s because I’m choosing to be.


I had dinner with my former boss (from Winnipeg) the other night and we talked about happiness. We talked about bumps and hills and mountains on this crazy road called life and how everything you’ve been through prior to this moment shapes who you are at this exact moment – and the way you react to those situations shapes your happiness.

The fact is: You can’t control that rough terrain but you can control how you walk on it, how you navigate it. I could easily take all the bad things that have happened in my 26 years and mope and sulk and whine about how things didn’t go my way (WHYYYY MEEEEEEE) and let it consume me, but I will not do that. Cause it’s a waste of energy. It’s a waste of time. I know now that you can’t control what others think, say, do or feel. It SUCKS but don’t dwell on it.


Let’s concentrate on what we can control.

Things you can control:

How honest you are.
How well you communicate.

Your willingness to learn new things.
When to walk away from a situation.
How often you dwell on the past.
Your priorities.
What risks you take.
Your attitude.
The people you surround yourself with.

Maaaaaaybe there’s a certain boy right now who is giving me heart shaped eyes.

But I also think — It’s summer. Choose happiness.

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