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Count Your Blessings (Even the Tiny Ones)

October 8, 2014

Featured music: “Nothing Short of Thankful” by the Avett Brothers

Ah, the Thanksgiving season. It’s funny that we wait for a certain time of year to really take inventory of our lives, and reflect on what we’re thankful for. I know I’m guilty of this. Life buzzes by. We wake up, eat, go to work, come home, sleep and repeat – and whether you absolutely adore your routine or you don’t – that rolling pattern becomes ingrained in your head – and in some cases becomes oh-so automatic.

Oftentimes I forget to stop and appreciate how that pattern in life flows – or that it even flows at all. Up, down, sideways, sometimes backwards – it doesn’t matter how things are moving – (or what road bumps and challenges appear) they still are. Not everyone can say that and I’m infinitely grateful that I can. And maybe it takes a holiday like Thanksgiving to remind me to hit the pause button and count my blessings.


I’m not going to remind you to be grateful for food, clean water, a roof over your head, freedom, family, friends, love (EVEN THOUGH WE ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE!) – but there are so many extras (Yes, that’s right – bonuses) in this beautiful life that I want to take a moment to acknowledge.


Although the screens and beeps and emails are constantly keeping us awake and distracted and on our toes – we live in an age where we have access to our loved ones instantly via phone call or text message or … SKYPE! I’m eternally grateful to be able to see my Sister’s face in her living room in Vancouver when I’m sitting in mine in Winnipeg.



It seems like it might be an unusual thing to be grateful for – and obviously I’ll avoid that hurt if I have the choice. But, life deals out unexpected hands and you have to play with what you’ve got. Sometimes the only way out is through – through the trenches. I’m grateful for heartbreak that has strengthened my character, that has taught me lessons, that has propelled me forward and that has taught me exactly how I don’t want to be treated. How I don’t want others to be treated. Once a broken bone is healed, it becomes a much stronger one. I’m thankful for resilience.


I’m thankful for refuge. I’m thankful for spare moments when I can hermit myself away in my living room and spin some vinyl and burn some Nag Champa. I’m thankful for Grand Beach retreats with my friends and escapes to the family farm. I’m grateful I have shelter from the storm of day-to-day.



I’m grateful for sore, torn muscles (that repair themselves! And get stronger!) and barely being able to speak after a run. I’m grateful that moving your body is a surefire way to boost your spirits. I’m grateful I have the capability and health to be able to get myself to the gym and complete a physical undertaking that didn’t seem possible 45 minutes before. I’m grateful that the human body can do such miraculous things.



It’s art. It’s expression. It’s my favourite type of communication. I’m grateful for the musical ability of so many and the lyrical genius of hidden gems or famed icons. I adore that I can listen to someone convey an emotion when sometimes I just can’t. I’m grateful I can stream whatever my heart desires and conjure up whatever feeling I like. And LIVE MUSIC moves mountains. I’m grateful that music has healing powers hidden under poetry and melody. I’m grateful for the stories told and the stories passed down. I’m grateful there is music out there I still haven’t found but have yet to explore.


I’m beyond appreciative that I don’t go hungry and I have a cozy bed to come home to. I don’t think any of us will ever be thankful enough for having access to the bare necessities, seeing as so many do not. But I am also thankful for the glitter – the little embellishments that make each day fuller and richer.

What are some smaller things that you overlook? .. Don’t forget to be in love with your life, every minor detail of it.

And have a great Thanksgiving weekend, Canadians – however you celebrate!








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  • sharon October 8, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    perf! love it. I never considered heartbreak- but it makes so much sense. Thank you!